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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DrugCheck® and how does it work?
How does DrugCheck® compare to other cups? to other testing procedures?
Is it as accurate as GC/MS?
How can my business benefit from DrugCheck®?
How can I benefit from DrugCheck®?

What is DrugCheck® and how does it work?

DrugCheck® is a self-contained urinalysis drug test that detects the presence of drug metabolites in urine within minutes. The cup contains detection strips each designed to test a particular drug at NIDA cut-off levels. It provides instant results using a technology similar to that found in home pregnancy tests. Through the patented delivery system, urine reacts with the reagents and antigens on the strip to produce a colormetric reading indicating either positive or negative test results. Click here to see a demonstration.

How does DrugCheck® compare to other cups? to other testing procedures?

The leading cups require significant manipulation or handling of the cup in order to activate the test. You must either tilt the cup or insert detections strips into the cup in order to initiate contact with the specimen. During testing, these cups are not sealed which puts the tester at greater risk of specimen exposure, accidents, tampering, and retesting. Should the specimen deliver a positive reading, further handling of the cups or split-samples are needed in order to prepare them for shipping to a confirmation lab. Other urine drug-testing products, such as testing strips, require direct handling of urine via pipettes, can take up to 45 minutes for results and also require split-sampling.

DrugCheck®, on the other hand, doesn't require any steps to activate the test. Simply void urine into the cup and wait for the results. The cup is also ready to be shipped should it be necessary to confirm a positive reading. It's a simpler, safer, and saner approach to drug testing.

For a side by side comparison of DrugCheck® against the leading cups, please see our comparison chart.

Is it as accurate as GC/MS?

Like other onsite test products, DrugCheck® is a qualitative test - it only determines the presence of drugs at detection limits comparable to NIDA cut-off limits used for DOT testing. GC/MS, which costs more, quantifies the concentration of drugs in the sample. Given the purposes of most drug testing (pre-employment, post-accident, random) is to detect the presence of drug use and not determine the amounts ingested, DrugCheck® satisfies the needs of most drug screening.

How can my business benefit from DrugCheck® 5™?

DrugCheck® is ideal for businesses that conduct pre-employment, random, and/or post-accident drug-testing. Because of its ability to deliver instant results, DrugCheck® allows your new employees to begin work immediately. (Compare that to waiting 24 - 72 hours for laboratory drug testing.) It also allows you to proceed both timely and knowledgeably during post-accident investigations. This is especially true for those companies conducting remote site testing.

Not only does DrugCheck® allow you to be more productive, but it also saves you money. While the average test can cost upwards of $35.00, DRUGCHECK ® is about half the cost. Those who conduct a lot of drug tests and order in greater quantities, realize even greater savings through generous volume discounts. Furthermore, businesses can receive premium discounts up to 15% on their worker's compensation coverage with the implementation of a drug-testing program. Many states also reduce employers' liability in accidents determined to be caused by drug impairment.

Below are some concrete ways DrugCheck® can benefit YOU:

If you collect samples and forward them to a laboratory: By collecting your samples in the DrugCheck® cup and sending only the positive samples to the lab, you'll save on shipping and handling charges. Plus, you have the results in minutes instead of days.

If you contract pre-employment drug testing to a lab or clinic: By using DrugCheck® onsite, you'll eliminate employees' travel time to and from the lab and get the results in minutes so employees begin working immediately.

If you currently use another drug test product: Because DrugCheck® is simpler to use, you'll save on time spent on training and performing those extra steps. Who needs them when you have DrugCheck®?

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